The Government has now eased the travel restrictions between France and the UK, which can only mean one thing...

The Big Bike Ride from Tignes to Trelech is on!


Originally from Trelech, I now live in Tignes, France. A small town (or large village) in the French Alps, one of the largest and highest skiing resorts in France. We ski throughout the winter and hike (and bike) through summer.


1560km (very nearly 1000 miles) from Tignes, in the southeast of France back to Trelech, near Carmarthen. I've completed this journey many times to see family and friends, but never by bike. I will be cycling an average of 150km a day, for 10 days to arrive back in Lodge, Trelech on Saturday, September 18th.


Starting at an altitude of 2100m (6889ft), the first section will mostly be downhill to the picturesque Annecy Lake, before travelling through the French countryside to Paris. Then, continuing north towards Calais to cross the channel to Dover. The end will be in sight, aiming for London and then onto the old Severn Bridge. Back on Welsh soil, with only 250km to go before arriving home in Lodge. Looking at the entire journey, there is an elevation of 11,890m (39,009ft).


"A challenge and a half, but I'm looking forward to it!"


I've decided to take advantage of this opportunity to fundraise for the charity Calon | Heart Screening and Defibrillators.


The charity aims to improve accessibility and availability of lifesaving defibrillators in Wales. Calon | Heart Defibrillators also seeks to provide CPR and defibrillator training to the masses to improve the rates of bystander CPR.


9,000!!! The number of people that die from cardiovascular disease every year in Wales - an average of 25 a day!


The mission is simple - to reduce this number so that no family loses a loved one to a heart condition that could have been detected and managed. My hope is to raise enough money to hold a screening day locally, to detect abnormalities and avoid later complications.


As someone who has lost my father at the age of 57, after suffering a heart attack, I am encouraging people to get tested. We are fortunate to have a defibrillator nearby, which is essential in providing time and an opportunity as you wait for the ambulance. Unfortunately for us, all efforts were made in vain.


The hard work of Calon Screening can help others however.


To hold a screening day in Carmarthen, I'm aiming to raise £7,500. Whatever the final total, everyone can make a change by being ready for any situation and being confident in performing CPR and using a defibrillator.


Thank you for each and every contribution.

I will certainly be thinking of you along the journey.